Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lalbagh Walk - Day 2

The second day was more exciting for me. We were to visit Lalbagh. More exciting for me was the prospect of meeting Mr. Vijay Thiruvadi. For the last 12 years plants have been my primary interest. But not many people share the interests. So to find another human being interested in plants and birds was by it self immensely exciting. When I heard Mr. Thiruvadi’s name for the first time, I expected a man in his mid forties. Please forgive me for the bias. But when I met him, I was pleasantly shocked, for he was a man in his early youth. His energy, verve, knowledge of plants, their history, the legends associated with each tree, everything about him communicated only youthful energy.

Ever since, I had begun my botanical research, I had this dream of seeing the ‘queen of flowering trees’, Amhertia nobilis. My high point of the walk was briefly cohabiting the space used by this very beautiful tree. It was a humbling experience to walk under the expansive canopy of the majestic silk cotton tree.

We also visited the Summer Palce of Tipu Sultan. A great monument preserved in a shoddy manner.

There was another high point to come. Our lunch at Mavalli Tiffin Restrooms (MTR). MTR still flaunts the very traditional look to it. The small home like rooms with desks for having food, fitted with old fashioned fans was a welcome break for the students who are used to the eatery chains of the modern world. The only aberration was a silently running AC. But excitation of the walk did not allow the learners to notice the AC. The food was delicious. Dosa doused in ghee, Holige, payasam, the irresistible ‘bisi-belebath’ followed by rasam rice and curd rice. I will remember this lunch for a long while. During the drive back home, I had a happy feeling that I knew my city better than before. I should thank Arun and Rupa for it.


Blogger Tara Kini said...

I loved the Lalbagh walk immensely and should really go again. Yes, I thought Vijay's enthusiasm and stories were very engrossing and made the walk special.

3:18 AM  
Blogger Shuchi Grover said...

Your blogs are great advertisement for the Bangalore Walks, Mahesh. Looking forward to more blogs on your CASW sessions...

12:46 AM  
Blogger Balakrishnan.V.P said...

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2:49 AM  
Blogger Balakrishnan.V.P said...

Hi Mahesh,
I walked a bit through your blog. Fun, fact, colour, emotions, smell of the soil and shade of the trees and the chattering thoughts.
lovely blog!

2:55 AM  

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